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Today, consumers, individuals and other companies expect that you have a website, that the information is easily accessible and that website shows who you are and what you stand for.

That the website has also needs to be adaptable to mobile-devices has become more and more obvious:

The use of mobile devices are increasing amongst the Swedish population. 78 procent of the Swedes uses mobile devices to connect to Internet.

Source: IIS Svenskarna och Internet 2016

We at Webdesigner in Norrland help you to establish your online presence via social media, a website and a mobile friendly responsive web design that adapts to the technology the visitors use to view your website. An easy solution with a capable technology, for a low cost.


Web design

We give your website a basic graphic design such as size and location of surfaces, typography, color palettes, styles or styles for images, icons, logos, and other graphic elements.

If you already have a graphic profile, that will be the starting point for the web design and your visitors will recognize You in your communication.

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A website should have easy-to-access content and features that makes it easier for the visitor. Features that also makes it easier for you to take care of the website creating a win-win effect.

We help you tailor-made features you need, such as membership registration with login, webshop, direct link to various social media and so on.

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Social media

Today, many companies and organizations use social media to communicate with their target groups, as it's a quick and easy way to reach and create a dialogue.

The most popular method of marketing in social media is viral marketing.

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About us

Webdesignern i Norrland started 2012 with a thought to aid, help create and develop companies, associations and organizations in their presence on Internet. Mainly because of how some companies, associations and organizations chose to profile themselves on Internet, through social media and websites.

The development and technology of websites have really kicked off with the introduction of different web publishing systems, also known as Content Management System (CMS). Among all sorts of systems, we have chosen to specialize in WordPress which is the primary tool for publishing websites right now.

We also have good knowledge in other web publishing techniques and we consider this a great advantage as this allows us to tailor a website / web design to our customers’ different wishes.

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